Dr. Erin Martin is a medical doctor, osteopath, Ayurvedic practitioner, master spiritual psychology practitioner, metaphysician, mystic, mentor and coach, wife, and mother of three beautiful children.

A high achiever, Dr. Erin became a leading voice in the healthcare industry in America following a stellar career where she worked in everything from emergency rooms to integrative medicine clinics to medical tents in the jungle of Guatemala.

She completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine under the mastery of teacher, Dr. Andrew Weil; and quickly became an authority on healthcare across the country when she starred in the Emmy-award nominated film “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare”. Dr. Erin traveled and spoke all over the country, and became a media sensation with regular appearances on major media outlets.

As a pioneer in Integrative and Functional medicine, Dr. Erin opened a hugely popular practice in Oregon, complete with a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. Patients flew in to see her from all over the country and she had a 6 month waiting list.

In 2016 she began working and perfecting on her scientifically-based LAVISH Framework™. which is a combination of her experience in medicine, spirituality, quantum physics, holistic health, trauma recovery, and coaching.

Dr. Erin’s proprietary LAVISH Framework™ is holistic, deep, spiritual, profound, and healing. She looks for root cause, in this lifetime and beyond, looking deeper than just the physical to the underlying emotional, spiritual, epigenetic, and subconscious layers. She is potently intuitive and is directly connected to Source, which has enabled her to pinpoint with laser accuracy the deep underlying emotional or energetic issue and what is needed to heal.

LAVISH has been applied in a one-on-one setting in retreats and with private clients, who have been asking Dr. Erin for her next move as they heal and seek a deepening of their experiences with her.

So, in 2023, Dr. Erin is opening the doors to LAVISH Society, an invitation only collective of high achieving women who will experience the LAVISH expansion for themselves, and join an intimate group of like-minded women who will bring to life all that is within them.

LAVISH Society, LAVISH Intensives and LAVISH Retreats are just the beginning of Dr. Erin’s LAVISH empire. Her intention is to transform the world’s most impactful women through her work which will in turn truly create a LAVISH life for all who choose it.

Dr. Erin explains the LAVISH ethos

Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing

The LAVISH Collection


For those thirsty for permanent clarity and change, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin intensively to detox, finally let go of pain and trauma, reprogram for your best life ever and unleash your warrior queen identity.


LAVISH Society is the intensely private group of extraordinary women creating deep connections with like-minded high-achievers. LAVISH experiences, collaborations, and evolutionary growth await.


Twice annually, Dr. Erin Martin hosts intensive healing retreats where months of transformational work can be achieved in just three short weeks. Energetically and spiritually, these weeks will be the most transformative of your life.

Praise for Dr. Erin Martin

DR. ERIN is An exemplary physician and healer

Dr. Erin Martin is an exceptional physician and healer whose unwavering commitment to guiding others to a place of self-healing and true wellness is remarkable. She masterfully blends cutting-edge science with ancient healing wisdom in an innovative approach that is both effective and transformative.

What sets Dr. Martin apart is her passion for attending to the psychological and spiritual needs of those she works with. I find her ability to connect with patients on a deep level and address their innermost needs to be truly inspiring.

I recommend Dr. Erin Martin as an exemplary physician who can help you achieve true wellness and transform your life for the better.

ANDREW WEIL M.D, pioneer in the field of integrative medicine

you’re going to fall in love with working with her

Erin is engaged, compassionate, and fierce. She can masterfully synthesize anything that comes up, the alchemy is powerful. Before working with her I was lonely, sad, depressed, and exhausted because of past traumas, the loss of my father, and dealing with the challenges of being a powerful woman in today’s society.

If I hadn’t worked with Erin, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my career, I wouldn’t have accomplished all that I now have, and I would have never realized that the beliefs I had about myself after the painful traumas of my past were not true. I am so much more resilient, a way better communicator, and I know how to celebrate myself. She taught me how to be comfortable with my power. I now choose myself, and this is true freedom. I love myself, I’m brave and I use my voice in ways I was afraid to before. I’ve learned that the consequences of not being myself are far greater than of showing up as the real me.

I feel like I’ve had an awakening… I’ve awoken to myself and I’m present in my life in every moment. To anyone contemplating working with Dr. Martin, I say DO IT! It’s a simple decision and you’re going to fall in love with working with her. She’s worth any price you could possibly pay, and shouldn’t an investment in yourself be expensive? You are your greatest asset, so say YES to yourself, you’ll never regret it.

Jennifer Hoover, most senior female firefighter Salt Lake City Fire Dept

DR. ERIN is a seeker of the ancient truths

Dr. Martin is one of those people that you meet and instantly realize she is tapped into something BIG. She coached me into the best health and shape of my life. I felt more energy and radiance than ever before. I continue to reap the benefits of being in her tribe. She is a seeker of the ancient truths, the most pure knowledge and calming wisdom.

Her ears and mind are perfectly calibrated to determine if what she’s hearing from you is the true you or an impostor keeping you from your highest good. She will then deliver a major truth bomb that turns your world on it’s ear, lifts a veil and makes you feel clearer, freer and incredibly inspired to live the fierce amazing life she envisions for all women.

Tracy Bech, entrepreneur, consultant at Good Path Consulting

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