Dr. Erin Martin is a seasoned speaker, sought-after media commentator and powerful brand ambassador focused on women’s lifestyle and empowerment, health and wellness, spirituality and consciousness, and the principles of success.

She is a respected physician who has worked in emergency rooms, rural medicine clinics, pioneering state-of-the-art functional medicine clinics, and the jungles of Guatemala.

Featured as the star of the Emmy-nominated film, “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare”, Dr. Erin was catapulted to national fame becoming a regular speaker at universities, conferences, on national news and lifestyle programs.

As a healer, Dr. Erin knew she wanted to impact people more deeply. 

In 2016, she established her scientifically based LAVISH Framework™ which is a combination of her experience as a medical doctor, osteopath, Functional and Integrative medicine pioneer, Ayurvedic practitioner, master spiritual psychology practitioner, metaphysician, mystic, mentor and coach.

Through the application of her proprietary LAVISH Framework™, Dr. Erin has helped her clients heal deep trauma, stress-related illness, impaired detoxification, gut issues and mental, spiritual and physical pain in a collapsed timeline.  Her clients have experienced major spiritual awakenings, identity shifts, and often express that they have met themselves for the very first time.

Now, in 2023, Dr. Erin is opening the doors to LAVISH Society, an invitation only collective of high achieving women who will experience the LAVISH expansion for themselves, and join an intimate group of like-minded women who will bring to life all that is within them.  

Dr. Erin is available for media, speaking and partnerships that are aligned with her ethos and expertise.

Dr. Erin explains the LAVISH ethos

Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing

The LAVISH Collection


For those thirsty for permanent clarity and change, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin intensively to detox, finally let go of pain and trauma, reprogram for your best life ever and unleash your warrior queen identity.


LAVISH Society is the intensely private group of extraordinary women creating deep connections with like-minded high-achievers. LAVISH experiences, collaborations, and evolutionary growth await.


Twice annually, Dr. Erin Martin hosts intensive healing retreats where months of transformational work can be achieved in just three short weeks. Energetically and spiritually, these weeks will be the most transformative of your life.

Praise for Dr. Erin Martin


Dr. Erin Martin possesses an extraordinary combination of compassion, intuition, and unwavering commitment to the possibility of healing and wellness for all.

Her heart and belief in the power of healing are evident in every aspect of her work. She is a powerful healer who approaches each patient with a deep understanding of their unique needs and a relentless drive to find a way forward.

Her brilliance shines through in everything she does, and her dedication to her patients is truly awe-inspiring. Erin’s ability to connect with others on a deep level and to provide care that is both compassionate and effective has left a big impression on me. Her unwavering commitment to wellness will continue to make a significant impact on humanity as a whole.

You have made a huge impact on my life. Your unique look into my life and health has brought me back to a healthy place that I thought that I would never feel again.
Laura W., Oregon
Dr. Martin is a 10/10, Highly Recommended! Dr. Martin pushed me to confront my core internal conflicts, in order to heal myself emotionally and physically. She’s helped me overcome some of my biggest issues. I feel rejuvenated and excited again about my future.
Samantha S., Seattle, Washington
DR. ERIN is a seeker of the ancient truths

Dr. Martin is one of those people that you meet and instantly realize she is tapped into something BIG. She coached me into the best health and shape of my life. I felt more energy and radiance than ever before. I continue to reap the benefits of being in her tribe. She is a seeker of the ancient truths, the most pure knowledge and calming wisdom.

Her ears and mind are perfectly calibrated to determine if what she’s hearing from you is the true you or an impostor keeping you from your highest good. She will then deliver a major truth bomb that turns your world on it’s ear, lifts a veil and makes you feel clearer, freer and incredibly inspired to live the fierce amazing life she envisions for all women.

Tracy Bech, entrepreneur, consultant at Good Path Consulting

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FALL 2023

FALL 2023


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