Dr. Erin Martin offers a small number of LAVISH Private Intensives each month to those looking for a powerful transformation in a collapsed timeline.  

Utilizing her proprietary Framework™, LAVISH, Dr. Erin’s clients have experienced major spiritual awakenings, identity shifts, and often express that they have met themselves for the very first time.

LAVISH Private Intensives are for those who have already accomplished much in their lives, but they still know there is more.  More healing.  More growing.  And self-mastery is the final frontier. 

These experiences are for seekers who are always looking for their next growth edge.  These experiences are for women who may be overcoming trauma, chronic stress, or even feeling on the edge of burnout, yet these things do not define them.  They know massive transformation and simply MORE is possible, they have just never yet met the guide to take them there… until now.

The Intensives are a 10 week bespoke private experience including a three day in-person retreat held in Wine Country, California.  Every Intensive is custom-created based on the client’s desires and needs. Intensives may include emotional and spiritual healing, detoxification, deep wellness practices, subconscious reprogramming, and core belief work. Although we call this an intensive, the outcome is lightness and personal liberation.

To work privately with Dr. Erin, apply below.  Her team will then contact you with information about your next steps.

LAVISH Private Intensives are for you if...

You are a successful, driven woman who still feels like you are missing something integral in your life and for yourself.

The world, those around you, and all outward appearances tell you that you should be satisfied with your life and accomplishments… yet, you still have a deep longing to feel expansive, fulfilled, and on-purpose in your life.

You’ve already invested in yourself and your healing.  You’ve caught glimpses of what you desire or even experienced being close, but you have not been able to quite get there.

You are open, willing and committed to thinking about yourself and life in new ways such that you can move into life now unhindered by the past or what you have previously thought to be true.

You seek a true integration of all the parts that make up YOU as ONE being on a profoundly deep level.

You’re tired of patching together all the people, places, and things that you think you need in order to care and nourish yourself, and deeply desire to be strongly seen, heard, and held by the ONE person who can finally help bring it all together for you.

You’re looking for a powerful, compassionate, tapped-in, bad-ass grounded guide and NOT a guru.

You are not afraid of your own brilliance.

You are ready to finally give air-time to the still small voice inside of you that has kept you coming back to yourself since you were a little girl, that never really believed what others told you was true about who you are and what you could or could not do.

You are ready to expand your consciousness.

You are scared and ready to move ahead anyway.

You long to meet your true self and know her intimately.

You are ready to clear out all that no longer serves you – mind, body, and soul.

Is this you?

LAVISH Private Intensives are NOT for you if...

You have never before invested time or money into your healing.

You’re only “sort of” committed to doing the work.

You are easily offended, defensive, or place the responsibility for your life on other people.

You are actively addicted to or self-medicating with substances including alcohol and cannabis.

You are not willing to look at ALL aspects of your life in order to grow, heal and evolve.

You prefer to maintain the illusion of control over your life by keeping the aspects, people and providers involved in your care separate and disconnected.

You are so overwhelmed with your life that you often miss or cancel appointments, or you don’t follow through with commitments.

You have fundamental religious beliefs that will keep you from exploring your own spirituality.

You are not truly willing to take the time for yourself that you need in order to have what you want.

You are not ready to let go of all that is no longer serving you so that you can make room for what you really need to be doing, experiencing and receiving in your life,

Is this you?  The LAVISH Private Intensives are probably not for you right now.

However, if you read this list and you are committed and ready to embrace the extraordinariness inside, then apply now.

Dr. Erin explains the LAVISH ethos

Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing

Praise for Dr. Erin Martin


Dr. Erin Martin is a breath of fresh air in the healthcare industry, bringing with her a unique combination of kindness, compassion, and passion for supporting individuals in their personal journeys; and the industry as a whole.

I have been deeply impressed by Erin’s commitment to tackling critical issues such as loneliness and trauma which have a profound impact on individual, community and global health and wellbeing. Erin’s kindness, intellect and compassion shine through in even the most complex projects she undertakes. I am confident that Erin will continue to make a meaningful and deep impact in the world, as she has been doing for years.

Dr. Martin is empathetic, powerful, and honest

When I started working with her I was going through four major life transitions all at the same time. All of this stress was bringing up my old traumas, things I thought I had already dealt with, but the black cloud was back and I didn’t know how to escape it. I was so tired of this cycle! I was withdrawing from my most important relationships, I was doubting myself and my decisions, and overall feeling very insecure with myself. I was stuck in analysis paralysis and the anxiety and guilt was eating me up. I was scared to be vulnerable with the people I loved, and there was a lot of self-sabotage going on. I was afraid of losing my relationship with my fiancé, and the negative self-talk was on over-drive.

Dr. Erin’s powerful and direct manner is refreshing. I really had to show up and be honest with myself, but I am so glad I did. If I hadn’t worked with Erin, I would still be living with myself in a mean and hateful way, and I would have ruined my marriage. She helped me build so much self-awareness and I was able to not only quiet the negative self-talk, but she was able to help me dig down deep so that I could see the roots of where it came from. I could recognize the lies, and then declare something totally new for myself. This was the greatest freedom!

After working with her I am comfortable with myself again, I have confidence I never had before, and I trust myself and the decisions I make. I know I am a damn good person and I trust my ability to figure out even the hardest things. My life became truly free from the past. I am lighter, free from the oppressive rainstorm that was my life – the black cloud is gone for good and I am so happy with my life! If you have the chance to work with Dr. Martin, I say “Go all in and do it!”

Venessa J., Mergers & Acquisitions

DR. ERIN is An exemplary physician and healer

Dr. Erin Martin is an exceptional physician and healer whose unwavering commitment to guiding others to a place of self-healing and true wellness is remarkable. She masterfully blends cutting-edge science with ancient healing wisdom in an innovative approach that is both effective and transformative.

What sets Dr. Martin apart is her passion for attending to the psychological and spiritual needs of those she works with. I find her ability to connect with patients on a deep level and address their innermost needs to be truly inspiring.

I recommend Dr. Erin Martin as an exemplary physician who can help you achieve true wellness and transform your life for the better.

ANDREW WEIL M.D, pioneer in the field of integrative medicine

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For those thirsty for permanent clarity and change, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin intensively to detox, finally let go of pain and trauma, reprogram for your best life ever and unleash your warrior queen identity.


LAVISH Society is the intensely private group of extraordinary women creating deep connections with like-minded high-achievers. LAVISH experiences, collaborations, and evolutionary growth await.


Twice annually, Dr. Erin Martin hosts intensive healing retreats where months of transformational work can be achieved in just three short weeks. Energetically and spiritually, these weeks will be the most transformative of your life.


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