In 2023, Dr. Erin Martin will offer one intimate group retreat experience in a luxurious, healing tropical setting in Bali.  This retreat is for those seeking a powerful transformation and deep healing on physical, mental, and spiritual planes in a collapsed timeline free of distractions.

Utilizing her proprietary LAVISH Framework™, Dr. Erin’s clients have experienced major spiritual awakenings, identity shifts, and often express that they have met themselves for the very first time.

The LAVISH Retreats are the gateway to major breakthroughs for many powerful and accomplished individuals who know there is an even more extraordinary them beneath the surface that just needs a guide who is smart enough, accomplished enough and gifted enough to truly expose the richness of their true selves.

These retreats offer an exclusive experience where clients are together with Dr. Erin and other like-minded women over a three-week period. Retreats are all-inclusive (excluding airfare) and every aspect of your experience is custom-tailored and designed to your unique needs.  You will feel cared for like never before.  Deep spiritual healing, detoxification, and profound awakening are the hallmarks of this remarkable program.

LAVISH Retreats are one of Dr. Erin’s favorite ways to create major breakthroughs with clients as the experiences are so powerful and intimate.
To attend a LAVISH Retreat with Dr. Erin, please click on the link below to apply. Dr. Erin’s team will then contact you with information about the next Retreat and all of the relevant logistics and booking information.

LAVISH Retreats are for you if...

You are a successful, driven woman who still feels like you are missing something integral in your life and for yourself.

The world, those around you, and all outward appearances tell you that you should be satisfied with your life and accomplishments… yet, you still have a deep longing to feel expansive, fulfilled, and on-purpose in your life.

You’ve already invested in yourself and your healing.  You’ve caught glimpses of what you desire or even experienced being close, but you have not been able to quite get there.

You are open, willing and committed to thinking about yourself and life in new ways such that you can move into life now unhindered by the past or what you have previously thought to be true.

You seek a true integration of all the parts that make up YOU as ONE being on a profoundly deep level.

You’re tired of patching together all the people, places, and things that you think you need in order to care and nourish yourself, and deeply desire to be strongly seen, heard, and held by the ONE person who can finally help bring it all together for you.

You’re looking for a powerful, compassionate, tapped-in, bad-ass grounded guide and NOT a guru.

You are not afraid of your own brilliance.

You are ready to finally give air-time to the still small voice inside of you that has kept you coming back to yourself since you were a little girl, that never really believed what others told you was true about who you are and what you could or could not do.

You are ready to expand your consciousness.

You are scared and ready to move ahead anyway.

You long to meet your true self and know her intimately.

You are ready to clear out all that no longer serves you – mind, body, and soul.

Is this you?

LAVISH Retreats are NOT for you if...

You have never before invested time or money into your healing.

You’re only “sort of” committed to doing the work.

You are easily offended, defensive, or place the responsibility for your life on other people.

You are actively addicted to or self-medicating with substances including alcohol and cannabis.

You are not willing to look at ALL aspects of your life in order to grow, heal and evolve.

You prefer to maintain the illusion of control over your life by keeping the aspects, people and providers involved in your care separate and disconnected.

You are so overwhelmed with your life that you often miss or cancel appointments, or you don’t follow through with commitments.

You have fundamental religious beliefs that will keep you from exploring your own spirituality.

You are not truly willing to take the time for yourself that you need in order to have what you want.

You are not ready to let go of all that is no longer serving you so that you can make room for what you really need to be doing, experiencing and receiving in your life,

Is this you?  The LAVISH Private Intensives are probably not for you right now.

However, if you read this list and you are committed and ready to embrace the extraordinariness inside, then apply now.

Praise for Dr. Erin Martin

you’re going to fall in love with working with her

Erin is engaged, compassionate, and fierce. She can masterfully synthesize anything that comes up, the alchemy is powerful. Before working with her I was lonely, sad, depressed, and exhausted because of past traumas, the loss of my father, and dealing with the challenges of being a powerful woman in today’s society.

If I hadn’t worked with Erin, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my career, I wouldn’t have accomplished all that I now have, and I would have never realized that the beliefs I had about myself after the painful traumas of my past were not true. I am so much more resilient, a way better communicator, and I know how to celebrate myself. She taught me how to be comfortable with my power. I now choose myself, and this is true freedom. I love myself, I’m brave and I use my voice in ways I was afraid to before. I’ve learned that the consequences of not being myself are far greater than of showing up as the real me.

I feel like I’ve had an awakening… I’ve awoken to myself and I’m present in my life in every moment. To anyone contemplating working with Dr. Martin, I say DO IT! It’s a simple decision and you’re going to fall in love with working with her. She’s worth any price you could possibly pay, and shouldn’t an investment in yourself be expensive? You are your greatest asset, so say YES to yourself, you’ll never regret it.

Jennifer Hoover, most senior female firefighter Salt Lake City Fire Dept

Dr. Erin Martin possesses an extraordinary combination of compassion, intuition, and unwavering commitment to the possibility of healing and wellness for all.

Her heart and belief in the power of healing are evident in every aspect of her work. She is a powerful healer who approaches each patient with a deep understanding of their unique needs and a relentless drive to find a way forward.

Her brilliance shines through in everything she does, and her dedication to her patients is truly awe-inspiring. Erin’s ability to connect with others on a deep level and to provide care that is both compassionate and effective has left a big impression on me. Her unwavering commitment to wellness will continue to make a significant impact on humanity as a whole.


Dr. Martin is a gifted and compassionate healer

I have been working with Dr. Martin on some of the deeper issues tied to body image, beliefs about myself, and core issues. It has been very interesting to me how much has changed, almost at a cellular level.

I find that in working with Erin, the healing has had a deeper spiritual dimension. Dr. Martin is a gifted and compassionate healer and I continue to benefit from my work with her.

Mary C.

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The LAVISH Collection


For those thirsty for permanent clarity and change, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin intensively to detox, finally let go of pain and trauma, reprogram for your best life ever and unleash your warrior queen identity.


LAVISH Society is the intensely private group of extraordinary women creating deep connections with like-minded high-achievers. LAVISH experiences, collaborations, and evolutionary growth await.


Twice annually, Dr. Erin Martin hosts intensive healing retreats where months of transformational work can be achieved in just three short weeks. Energetically and spiritually, these weeks will be the most transformative of your life.


FALL 2023


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LAVISH Framework™
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