We are so amazingly powerful.

Every one of us possesses innate power and beauty, and untapped potential for more. There is a deep longing to know oneself deeply, more, stronger, and this longing pulls us forward in life, through all of the hard and confusing times. And because we experience ourselves more fully through the relationships we have with others, our greatest teachers and lessons come in the form of both our hardest relationships and our greatest loves.  

I believe that success can be very lonely, especially for women…and that it doesn’t have to be. There are other women out there that are as strong as you are looking for a tribe of other women who get them and who are strong enough to hold them and all their fierceness and wisdom…and to push them. It is possible for us to see ourselves the same way that others do, and to be madly in love with our Self.

I also know that life can hurt like a mother, and that even though we may seem like we have it all together on the outside, we may feel like we’re about to go off the deep end on the inside. I know what it’s like to make decisions out of fear, out of lack, out of obligation to others’ needs and desires, and I’ve lived a life of self-neglect, self-denial, and completely lacking in celebration and fun.

But life is not black and white, it’s not all or nothing, and what seems vitally important to the moment, is rarely relevant at all to the big picture.  Freedom is a choice.  Love is a conscious enactment.

When a woman arrives at the place in her life where her soul tells her that life must shift, when the need to transform into the more joyful, calm, wiser being that she has forgotten she already is, becomes an unquenchable thirst, it is time to awaken. As human beings, as spiritual beings, that just might mean that to make it from where you are currently standing to where you want to be, you’ve got to learn to flex and build a whole new set of muscles, ones that are not physical, but will give you strength and resilience to last this lifetime and beyond. 

Here’s what I know for sure: no matter your ambitions, your successes, or your achievements, if your identity is in these things, you will never be happy and you will never be fulfilled. Identity must never lie outside of yourself.

I am my greatest asset and my most fervent love. Without myself, the Real me, I am living life at the whim of circumstance and others, a victim of chance, striving, and wishful thinking. I am made for more than this, and I know that I am way more powerful than that. I know that the choice to heal can happen in an instant and that it is absolutely possible to take out the trash without sifting through the garbage.

A life free of fear and lack is glorious. Freedom is delicious and lavish! I know that I know that I know that we have nothing greater to do, nor a more noble purpose, than to truly know ourselves in this life. That is why we are here. We come closer to God by knowing ourselves. We each are infinite, Divine beings; fractals of the One Spirit, here to express ourselves, for ourselves, in this Life.  

Self is a beautiful four-letter word, and being Self-ish is a potent, expansive way of living that serves to help the whole of humanity move into greater love with itself. It is absolutely possible to move beyond the past, including traumas and seemingly unforgivable acts. Life is meant to be lived lavishly, and it’s time to understand what that means from a whole new perspective.  

Every woman should know what it feels like to fall head-over-heels in love with herself, to choose herself first, to have a voice and the poise and dignity to use it for good, to trust her intuition, and to express herself fully and freely. When she lives in integrity with herself, knowing that she is a powerful spiritual being, warrior, mother, and queen, she has the choice, always, to heal or not to heal, to do or not do, to be or not be, whomever, however, and whatever she desires.

She knows that her desires are legitimate and valuable, and that just because she has been successful and committed to one thing doesn’t ever mean that she can’t change her mind, pivot, and recreate herself, as many times as she wishes.

She has a beautiful body and cares for it well, but she knows that she is not her body.

She understands that inside the playground of her mind lies infinite access to unlimited creativity.

Her consciousness recognizes that all is available to her and that she is meant to know it, to use it, and to experience it by softly, gently, magically, and intentionally living in it.  

Joy and abundance become the measuring stick of her life and she embodies grace, power, and wisdom on a rare level few will ever see in their lives, and even fewer will experience.


It’s time to recognize your superpowers and learn how to use them — one of the most thrilling, fun, and joy-filled experiences of life.  The truth is that just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean I’m meant to make it my life’s work. I get to choose. The purpose of my life is whatever I say it is. Far too many people say they don’t believe in fate, yet they are waiting for life to happen to them, which is essentially the same thing. We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can always choose how we react to it, and how we choose to feel about it, and we always get to choose our next move. Not choosing is still a choice, and cause and effect still apply.

Cause and effect always apply, to everything. Knowing how to use this universal law makes you a Master Creator, and that is exactly what you signed up for.

Here’s what I know for sure: Love is the greatest force in the Universe and in seeking to feel it and receive it from others, we are really looking for a deeper experience of ourselves. Love is an enactment and therefore we experience the greatest love through giving it to others. Love is everywhere and in all things, and when it comes right down to it, at the root of everything, even our misguided, dysfunctional choices and our fear-based decisions, there is only love…that is the whole point…of everything. Self-mastery is recognizing our humanness and bringing it to meet the Truth of our wholeness. Nothing broken, nothing to fix, all perfection.

And I know that when we figure this all out, there’s more, always, beautifully, more. When we choose to heal and release what no longer serves us, when we claim our true identity, and create the life that is in alignment with our spirit, now, in this knowing, we live with more intention, more presence, more happiness, and this feels oh so fulfilling. We see abundance for what it truly is, and we see just how much of it we possess. I believe this is the only way to an authentic life, a life lived lavishly, and that we, as powerful, successful, intentional women leave an infinitely perpetuating ripple in the world by commanding more for ourselves in this way.

May you give yourself permission and grace to create a beautiful, fulfilling, joy-filled life, on purpose, authentic and in total presence, and enjoy every minute of it.


Powerful women in control rarely show themselves. They have created an “acceptable” character for society in order to achieve at optimum levels.
This manifests in a slow loss of true identity, with many smart, educated, accomplished women living with shallow relationships, disconnection, and pain.

These women can instead choose to be the most impactful humans on the planet: living their purpose, embodying their true identity and achieving success beyond accomplishment.

These are the women of LAVISH Society.

A Society so private, it will never be advertised to the public. A Society so revered, global communities aspire to host their experiences. A Society so potent, there are literally no limitations to the transcendent growth experienced within its container. A Society so protected, that only the most powerful and impactful women are invited to participate.

Is this you?


Inside LAVISH Society


All LAVISH Society members must first have completed a Private Intensive, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin intensively to detox, finally let go of pain and trauma, reprogram for your best life ever and unleash your warrior queen identity.


Thirsty for luxury travel and experiences with other high-powered women who are impacting the world?  Two annual LAVISH private experiences take you to extraordinary locations for one-of-a-kind transformations. 


Bi-monthly online gatherings with your LAVISH Society tribe are an intensely expansive experience where you will be deepening your connection with like-minded high-achievers, while co-creating impactful collaborations.


A discrete online community allows you to connect in a powerful way with your LAVISH Society tribe.  Finding support, accessing opportunities and providing your own leadership with a true peer group will be a deep honour.


FALL 2023

Praise for Dr. Erin Martin


Dr. Erin Martin is a breath of fresh air in the healthcare industry, bringing with her a unique combination of kindness, compassion, and passion for supporting individuals in their personal journeys; and the industry as a whole.

I have been deeply impressed by Erin’s commitment to tackling critical issues such as loneliness and trauma which have a profound impact on individual, community and global health and wellbeing. Erin’s kindness, intellect and compassion shine through in even the most complex projects she undertakes. I am confident that Erin will continue to make a meaningful and deep impact in the world, as she has been doing for years.


Dr. Martin is a gifted and compassionate healer

I have been working with Dr. Martin on some of the deeper issues tied to body image, beliefs about myself, and core issues. It has been very interesting to me how much has changed, almost at a cellular level.

I find that in working with Erin, the healing has had a deeper spiritual dimension. Dr. Martin is a gifted and compassionate healer and I continue to benefit from my work with her.

Mary C.

DR. ERIN is a seeker of the ancient truths

Dr. Martin is one of those people that you meet and instantly realize she is tapped into something BIG. She coached me into the best health and shape of my life. I felt more energy and radiance than ever before. I continue to reap the benefits of being in her tribe. She is a seeker of the ancient truths, the most pure knowledge and calming wisdom.

Her ears and mind are perfectly calibrated to determine if what she’s hearing from you is the true you or an impostor keeping you from your highest good. She will then deliver a major truth bomb that turns your world on it’s ear, lifts a veil and makes you feel clearer, freer and incredibly inspired to live the fierce amazing life she envisions for all women.

Tracy Bech, entrepreneur, consultant at Good Path Consulting

DR. ERIN is An exemplary physician and healer

Dr. Erin Martin is an exceptional physician and healer whose unwavering commitment to guiding others to a place of self-healing and true wellness is remarkable. She masterfully blends cutting-edge science with ancient healing wisdom in an innovative approach that is both effective and transformative.

What sets Dr. Martin apart is her passion for attending to the psychological and spiritual needs of those she works with. I find her ability to connect with patients on a deep level and address their innermost needs to be truly inspiring.

I recommend Dr. Erin Martin as an exemplary physician who can help you achieve true wellness and transform your life for the better.

ANDREW WEIL M.D, pioneer in the field of integrative medicine
Dr. Erin Martin is an exceptional physician with a deep understanding of the workings of the body, mind, and soul. With her rare combination of wisdom, compassion, and brilliance, I trust her insights for my health and my family’s health and have been amazed by her compassion and depth of knowledge.

Many people want to change the world. Erin is doing it and has for decades. Work with her and be forever changed.

Dr. Erin Martin possesses an extraordinary combination of compassion, intuition, and unwavering commitment to the possibility of healing and wellness for all.

Her heart and belief in the power of healing are evident in every aspect of her work. She is a powerful healer who approaches each patient with a deep understanding of their unique needs and a relentless drive to find a way forward.

Her brilliance shines through in everything she does, and her dedication to her patients is truly awe-inspiring. Erin’s ability to connect with others on a deep level and to provide care that is both compassionate and effective has left a big impression on me. Her unwavering commitment to wellness will continue to make a significant impact on humanity as a whole.

you’re going to fall in love with working with her

Erin is engaged, compassionate, and fierce. She can masterfully synthesize anything that comes up, the alchemy is powerful. Before working with her I was lonely, sad, depressed, and exhausted because of past traumas, the loss of my father, and dealing with the challenges of being a powerful woman in today’s society.

If I hadn’t worked with Erin, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my career, I wouldn’t have accomplished all that I now have, and I would have never realized that the beliefs I had about myself after the painful traumas of my past were not true. I am so much more resilient, a way better communicator, and I know how to celebrate myself. She taught me how to be comfortable with my power. I now choose myself, and this is true freedom. I love myself, I’m brave and I use my voice in ways I was afraid to before. I’ve learned that the consequences of not being myself are far greater than of showing up as the real me.

I feel like I’ve had an awakening… I’ve awoken to myself and I’m present in my life in every moment. To anyone contemplating working with Dr. Martin, I say DO IT! It’s a simple decision and you’re going to fall in love with working with her. She’s worth any price you could possibly pay, and shouldn’t an investment in yourself be expensive? You are your greatest asset, so say YES to yourself, you’ll never regret it.

Jennifer Hoover, most senior female firefighter Salt Lake City Fire Dept
Dr. Martin is empathetic, powerful, and honest

When I started working with her I was going through four major life transitions all at the same time. All of this stress was bringing up my old traumas, things I thought I had already dealt with, but the black cloud was back and I didn’t know how to escape it. I was so tired of this cycle! I was withdrawing from my most important relationships, I was doubting myself and my decisions, and overall feeling very insecure with myself. I was stuck in analysis paralysis and the anxiety and guilt was eating me up. I was scared to be vulnerable with the people I loved, and there was a lot of self-sabotage going on. I was afraid of losing my relationship with my fiancé, and the negative self-talk was on over-drive.

Dr. Erin’s powerful and direct manner is refreshing. I really had to show up and be honest with myself, but I am so glad I did. If I hadn’t worked with Erin, I would still be living with myself in a mean and hateful way, and I would have ruined my marriage. She helped me build so much self-awareness and I was able to not only quiet the negative self-talk, but she was able to help me dig down deep so that I could see the roots of where it came from. I could recognize the lies, and then declare something totally new for myself. This was the greatest freedom!

After working with her I am comfortable with myself again, I have confidence I never had before, and I trust myself and the decisions I make. I know I am a damn good person and I trust my ability to figure out even the hardest things. My life became truly free from the past. I am lighter, free from the oppressive rainstorm that was my life – the black cloud is gone for good and I am so happy with my life! If you have the chance to work with Dr. Martin, I say “Go all in and do it!”

Venessa J., Mergers & Acquisitions

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The LAVISH Collection


For those thirsty for permanent clarity and change, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin intensively to detox, finally let go of pain and trauma, reprogram for your best life ever and unleash your warrior queen identity.


LAVISH Society is the intensely private group of extraordinary women creating deep connections with like-minded high-achievers. LAVISH experiences, collaborations, and evolutionary growth await.


Twice annually, Dr. Erin Martin hosts intensive healing retreats where months of transformational work can be achieved in just three short weeks. Energetically and spiritually, these weeks will be the most transformative of your life.

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Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
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Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing


FALL 2023


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